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    Memory Garden – Until we meet again

    Drawing Installation by

    Artist : Avani Rao Gandra

    Medium : Raw cotton cloth , charcoal .

    Found objects : Pillow s , bricks , feathers , shells , lantern , sickle , rice stalks

    Size : 20 ft X 8.5 ft   

    Date of execution:  3-4-2017

    To  weave a memory garden on the wall , memories that I may encounter again or not , lost forever as a distant past yet near ,a part of  ‘myself’ – some a dream , some a thought , some reality and some an illusion  .  What to draw out and what to keep ? Some do flow out on the pillows I rest my head upon every night – as poem of pain and joy and in between  .

    The  sickle that cut the umblical cord on a dark wet night bought new life  , the same iron curve that harvested a failed crop . The crumbling mud walls of my childhood friends home s , a tiny temple on a farway hillock that kept many a hope alive  . For every thorny path there were a thousand fragrant flowers .

    A bird song lost as a near extinct sparrow ,the sensuous flow of the strong rocks that weathered  a million year s  of wind and rain, that  soldiered my city are blown overnight. The tiny fishes that swam in my village pond is a memory overlaid  by a crackled lake bed . The echoes within a shell ,a mystical spiral that hums a universal song lost in the everyday din and chaos ,  even as the rising sun and the cycles of the moon perform their eternal duties , disregard the greed and ingratitude  of man

  • sonali



    Artist:Sonali Laha

    Size- 68x 86 inches x68x68 inches

    Medium- cotton cloth, charcoal, acrylic, beads, hair, thread.

    My works deals with memory, memorize and fantasy. I always want to manifest my strong feelings and experiences through my work. Intimate memories have a crucial influence in my works. My images are coming from my memory and fantasies are giving beauty to it. My fantasy is building images from my daily life experiences. This daily life forms has its own history and memory which have a deep connection with me and my life.

    This untitled installation is a kind of self-recital. A state of mind in which an experience of vacuum and  nothingness. After all the question of existence. When we do not want any things more, only light which is inside us. After crossing a long land of irritation, we want peace.  Peace with in us. No expectation only gives love. Nothing but a repeated monologue to the self….


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    Alter Matter

    Artist: Gautam Pal

    An album is a document of past events too. For example an album before marriage or a marriage album,family picture, trip photos etc. In way it’s a place where we make a space and want to get drowned into the past memories on visiting it. Re collecting nostalgic moments with an intention of rekindling the joy and fantasizing it, preserving it and to discover many missing instances, links and making episodes of it. We criticise them; we laugh at them because we find something odd or unusual in it as time passes. As we see them, each time it’s a new thought, experience and maturity finds place for new things to discover. Thus, for me album is a means an archive of images of past events or adding memories to personal diary of memoirs. Its also a funny and joyful event visits i could make, significant part of it is to refresh them in memory in changing times. Many things may changes but the characters in the album remain same and becomes fictional character either stuck on the wall or kept inside a folio, for new visitor who would visit.

    Experimenting with its placement and displacement creates a decontextualized story, adding new meaning a nd a new perspective with a change in space.Here I want to bring the same experience to the context, with a very experimental and modern media. In this work, I have used same material together, one transformed and other recomposed way. A picture of a couple is superimposed on crystal cube. which is a practice in popular, and modern representation of keeping a family picture. Displaying it on a glass vases with water etc to make it stand attractive and elevated. Another one is a laser engraved picture on wood and inlaid onto a wood piece. Here, the materials remain same but they are transformed in presentation. The appearance of these objects may look like self- contradictory or a paradox in itself. At display, it’s up to viewer’s choice to make meanings and have different kinds dialogue; interpreting in the real space and time.

  • pavan-kumar


    The Joint Family

    Artist :Pavan Kumar.D

    My work  talk about joint family system has always been a point of debate in the context of economic development. The discourse is based on whether joint family system is beneficial or detrimental in the process of economic development.Processes of development and urbanization bring about drastic change in the nature of joint family such as rule of residence, forms of marriage and authority system. Agriculturist, upper and middle, classes have mostly joint families whereas urban professional families are nuclear ones.David McClelland, in his book The Achieving Society, writes that the studies of child rearing practices show that among others, the early training of children to be independent and to master certain skills promotes high motivation for achievement, that training does not indicate rejection of the child by the parents.That is why, China, Japan and Sri Lanka have performed better than India. McClelland’s thesis states  that entrepreneurial personality consists of high achievement motivation and this develops in a person as a result of suitable child rearing practice. This kind of socialization process takes place in a family, which features small size, democratic structure and urban traits.

  • raghavendra



    Artist: Raghavendar Angali

    My works are from the first initiation received from surroundings; I am subjected to live in it. To me the physical reality is composed of light. I enjoy the play of light. I am trying to show in new dimension. In this work it shows about the dynamic lights ( flash light).

    In this works it shows myself as selfist. “Society” is a space where people display their dreams and desires and thoughts. All these things are reflected in the way the people wear clothes and the pose in front of the camera. In the present scenario people living in such a world that they are showing/ exposing themselves by their attractive pose towards the camera. Selfie is not only a front camera it just captures things immediately in a superficial way on a small screen as” Image visualization”.

    This life is full of care / we have no time to stand & stare.  We do have the leisure and the time to stand & stare for our selfies. The preoccupation of the majority was on their phone cameras and their energy was focused on skilfully capturing their perfect smiles & poses.

    Light has fascinated me as well through my learning of art. These works reflect myself.Here Golden leg  are attracted by the people which are compared with the Golden moments of each & every one lives. As each & everyone wanted to have it. Golden footprints are also inviting to have memorable

  • biswajit


    Holy Family on Steps

    Artist: Biswajit Roy

    This painting title “Holy Family on Steps”, is influenced by dutch artist Nicolas Poussin’s work. I gave the same title and background but the figures are all my relatives and family members. The idea is to give a universal aura when it comes to bonding of family and friends

  • archana-biswas


    Fragments of my quilt

    Artist:Archana Rajguru Biswas

    Everyone of us carries a quilt of memory within…it shapes us and because of it what we are.Here I am juxtaposing few fragments from my quilt …..

  • ajit-mohanto


    Shadow of Memories

    Artist: Ajit Kumar Mohato

    Memories are important to all. In this illustrative personal work, I try to gather few memories from my life, specifically related to my family. Usually felling of emotional attachment with family are kept in the form of photo in the photo album and in old objects. So few are documented and few are not  documented just like shadows which remains unforgettable yet stays our memories.

    This work is a total reflection of past but, lived in the present.


  • abul-hisham


    Six Canes Six Meditations


    Artist : Abul Hisham

    Medium –Polished Bamboo sticks, charcoal, artificial skin, found objects and concrete grill.

    The word Memory have its own profundity and contains several layers. It is happening in my practice in a subjective way and I am approaching it in a kind of docufiction. The idea of personal mythology started taking form in my practice in 2014. First it came to my paintings and slowly transforms to installations. Memory, Time and Ritual are the basic layers of this works. My work is a psychic exploration through the mindscape of a fictional character. The work contains objects, ornaments, religious school books and an artificial skin. Six texts are emerging from the canes like repeated chants. The canes are placed to put back the behavior, discipline and chants in order. Objects like finger rings, coins and other things etc. are placed to keep for a minor description about the character.

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